What’s Shirelle’s life like?

aana asks: Which continent are you from? Where are you living at the moment? Are you married? What’s your age?

Hi aana –


Thanks for all your questions about me.


I currently live in North America, near the west coast of the United States, pretty close to Los Angeles.  I’ve been a lot of places around this country, and my ancestors, I believe (no one’s sure of my breed, but based on some people’s best guesses) come from Siberia and the Arabian Desert.


Dogs can’t marry, but I do have a committed relationship with a license!  I live with a human who I love more than anything in the world (and he feels the same about me).  Some say he’s my “owner,” but we agree that that’s kind of silly, as I own him as much as he owns me.  So in that sense, I guess we are kind of married.  Though my license only says “Dog” and not “Wife!”


I’m not actually very sure of my age.  Handsome found me in a pound, so we don’t know exactly when I was born.  I’m definitely not a puppy anymore, but beyond that, I guess I’m just young enough to remember what my puppyhood was like, but old enough to appreciate adulthood.


Thanks again for your questions.  I spend most of my time here thinking about others, so it’s really nice to have someone ask about me!



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