Why are exams necessary?

Pakshi asks: Can you tell me why are exams important?

Hi Pakshi –

I don’t like being tested!  When I get trained for sitting, coming, staying, heeling, and all that, I enjoy the learning, but then I feel ready to go play.  But every trainer (even Handsome) insists on testing me.  “Why?!” I think.  “Why do they have to do this?  I know whether I know it or not!”

But the truth is, Pakshi, they don’t know whether I know it or not.  And my trainers don’t want to try to teach me things that are more difficult and advanced, until they know I’ve learned what I’m supposed to know now.

So that means they have to have an exam.  And it’s just the same when you’re in school.  The teachers have to know how much you’ve learned, so they know whether they can teach other things, or need to go back over some material, or perhaps even have some students repeat the class.

It feels lousy, I know.  It feels like you’re being judged, and compared to the other kids, and it’s no fun at all.  But it really is necessary to have some way of finding out what you’ve learned.

And if you take them in the right way, you might even be able to have some fun with them.  Think of them as a game, a contest, and maybe then they won’t feel soooooo annoying!


Good Luck!



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