What can help arthritis?

majuliann asks: Can eating apples heal Arthritis? If not, which fruits can?

Hi majuliann –

Humans and dogs disagree about lots of things.  Dogs like licking strangers’ faces; humans usually don’t.  Dogs like sniffing where someone’s peed; humans don’t. Humans adore cats; we don’t.

But one thing we definitely agree on is that we both HATE arthritis!  This awful, painful, chronic, debilitating disease has absolutely nothing to like about it!

Actually, the term “arthritis” applies to over a hundred medical conditions, which all create inflammation, stiffness, and pain in assorted joints (wherever two bones meet in the body).  And it can even grow to affect other body parts, like the heart and lungs.  Although we usually associate it with aging, it can start really young, even in childhood in some cases!

To imagine where arthritis is likely to cause the most trouble, just picture a body if the muscles suddenly got way way weaker.  Where would the biggest problems be?  In a human, standing up puts a lot of stress on the lower back and the knees, right?  (Just think, when you see a toddler try to walk, what usually folds when they fall down?!)  Or in a human who works with their hands a lot, like a secretary or data-enterer, think of those wrists and fingers.  And in a dog, oh it’s almost always in our hips, which have to hold and propel our long bodies.

So lets chant out how much we hate arthritis!

Arth-arrrh-itis, we hate you

We hate all the things you do

In life’s nectar, you’re the dregs

On you we all lift our legs!!!


Ahhhh, doesn’t that feel better!

Okay, so back to your question, majuliann.  Are there foods that can heal arthritis?

Well, not exactly.  No one knows a full cure for it yet.  But because it’s so worsened by inflammation, there are a number of foods that can help reduce its pain because they’re anti-inflammatories.  I found a few lists of them online, and, while apples are included in some, the most popular foods seem to be fish and olive oil (YUM!!!  But remember, if you give fish to a dog, be sure to get all the bones out first!).





I hope these lists help, majuliann.  I’m sorry if you’re suffering.  Let’s all send a hearty howl to the scientists who are out there looking for a cure to this nastiness.  The sooner they succeed, the happier humans and doggies around the world will be!



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