Do breast-enhancement pills work?

isha asks: Do you believe that breast-enhancement pills work to increase the size of your bust?

Hi isha –

Let me remind you of one very important fact here:  I am a Dog.  We dogs do not ever develop the supple breasts that human women do.  In fact, we really wouldn’t want to!  First, they’d get in our way as we crawl around on our chests.  But more importantly, we don’t have one or two babies at a time like you people do.  We have litters of eight or more puppies at once!  Can you imagine what a dog would look like if we had eight full breasts so we could feed all our young?!

What we have instead are small nipples, or teats, just big enough for our puppies to drink from.  Only nursing mothers or older females who’ve had lots of puppies even have teats that you’d notice from a few feet away.  They don’t affect our appearance, or our attractiveness to males, in any way.

Obviously, this is very different from humans.  Human females are expected to undergo some very major changes in their bodies’ shapes when they reach maturity (in their teen years).  And their new body shapes have a profound effect on their attractiveness – both in their own eyes and in those of others.

But I want to say something to you, isha, that I promise is true, from the bottom of my doggy heart: there is no such thing as a correct, or perfect, breast size or shape.  No matter how much magazines or movies or anyone else says so, the fact is that different humans are attracted to different sorts of bodies.  Keira Knightley, Rhianna, Katy Perry, and Adele all have very different figures, and all are attractive.  Just as there’s no right height or eye color for a person, neither is there a right breast size.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, gets more people wanting to touch them than I do.  Humans see me and instantly want to hug me, to kiss me, to rub me.  And again, I have no breasts at all!  (I don’t even have fully-developed teats, since I was spayed when I was young).

I’m saying all this because, while I wouldn’t tell you not to do things to improve your appearance, I do wonder if breast-enhancement is the best way to go.  Would your time and money be better spent on exercise, dance lessons, nutrition counseling, esthetics, hairstyling, etc?  I only ask because one thing I’ve observed a lot in humans over the years in this area is: sexiness is about 1% from body shape, 1% from prettiness/handsomeness, and about 98% from attitude and self-confidence.  If you can hold yourself with an air of coolness and relaxed self-love, you will be sexy!

Okay, so I’ve said my piece on that.  As far as your question… The honest truth about those pills is — I don’t know.  I looked them up online and found one article that seemed very intelligent about it:

Beyond what it says, though, I really don’t know the answer to your question at all.

But I will say one thing:  if these sorts of pills did work, I think we’d hear more about them.  When a new drug shows up that does what people have been seeking for years, there tends to be a lot of noise about it, and it seems like everybody starts taking it.  So the fact that breast-enhancement pills aren’t one of the biggest businesses around (whereas breast-enhancement surgery is) makes me think… most likely, you’d be better off going to the gym.

But again, what will leave you best off would be learning to do what that singer (the one with the funny voice who Handsome likes) said back in 1965…

Dig Yourself!


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stickman - July 21, 2013 Reply

I partly agree with your conclusion here because the producers of breast pills have improved them so that you can not judge them like we did in the past. They’re much better now and with no health risk.

Improved Curves - March 11, 2015 Reply

Though not everyone will agree, nice curves command attention, and people for the most part, like to be noticed.

selenda - April 8, 2015 Reply

breast pills worked for me

breast - April 8, 2015 Reply

my co worker says it worked for her

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