What to do for a science project

wish_ROX asks: What should I make for my science project?

Hi wish_ROX –

I have a simple answer for you, though you might not like it.  It’s “Whatever You Want!”

But I’m not saying that to be bratty, wish_ROX.  What I mean is that, if you’re going to devote a lot of effort to a project, it should be about something you find interesting.  If you’re super-interested in animals, and find machines a little boring, then you shouldn’t be trying to build an engine.  And if you’re obsessed with powerful things that make bright lights and noise, you shouldn’t be bothering with breeding mice.

What really excites you, wish_ROX?  Think back over the last year.  What was your favorite movie, your favorite book or TV show?  Is there anything you wonder about as you’re falling asleep at night?  Is there something a teacher mentioned in a class that you felt frustrated about, like you wanted more information than they were able to give?

If I could do a science project, I might make it about the velocity of squirrels, to try to figure out how to catch them better.  Or maybe I’d make it about temperatures, to figure out a way to make my house cooler in the summer.  You see, these are things I think about a lot.  So, while it started as a school assignment, it would become much more to me, and a way to make my own life better.

So look at your own life, wish_ROX.  Look at yourself.  And take this project, not as an assignment, but as an opportunity – an opportunity to dive deeper into your interests, to improve your own life, and to have a lot of FUN!  Because that’s what’ll make this a great experience for you in every way.

Good Luck!



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