Should teenagers answer online surveys?

kavin24 asks: I’m 14. I want to earn money. I’d prefer to make money online. Is it a good idea to use a paid survey?

Hi kavin24 –

I have to be honest with you; I really don’t know much about these surveys.  But I’m a huge fan of kids finding ways to earn money.  As long as two things are true – that what they’re doing is legal, and that it’s safe.

I’m a very protective mutt, and if there were a way for me to sit with you and look at each of these surveys, I’d be very happy to do it.  But of course I can’t.  And one thing about being 14 is that, no matter how smart, even brilliant, you might be, there’s stuff about life you just don’t know yet.  So my advice is that you get an adult you trust – maybe your parent, or someone who works at your school, whoever you’re comfortable with – and have them look at these surveys, just to make sure everything’s above board.

If it’s truly a good situation, if you’re being surveyed by an honest company, and it’s all safe, then great!  But if there’s something fishy, like if it seems to be someone trying to get information about you that they don’t really need, I’d suggest you avoid it.  Remember, there are creepy people out there who will go to all sorts of lengths to find nice kids like you.  And I want to keep you from them in any way I can!

I’m sorry I don’t have more information for you.  But again, I’d just find a good adult and have them check everything out.  And if it’s all good… earn away!



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