What is the meaning of behavior?

Home asks: What is meaning of behavior?

Hi Home –

I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking.  If you’re asking for the actual definition of the word, an online dictionary says it’s “a manner of behaving or acting, or observable activity in a human or animal.”  In other words, I guess it’s anything anyone does.


But you might be asking what one’s behavior means.  Now that’s a HUGE question, as behavior can mean exactly what it looks like (I jump up on someone and lick their face, which means I like them), or the total opposite (I walk away from someone, which is actually because I want to jump on them but I know I’ll get in trouble if I do).


If you figure that all anyone does is behavior, I guess the real answer, then, is that the meaning of any behavior is what the ‘behaver’ wants. You talk to someone because you want to.  Or you don’t because you want to, but you want even more than to not get in trouble for talking during class.


So all behavior has a meaning, but it’s possible that one might have trouble reading that meaning, based only on observing that behavior.  For that, you need cleverness, empathy, and awareness.


Which, for us pooches, means you need a really good sense of smell, to sniff out the real truth behind everyone!






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