Who to ask for help in school performance

ian asks: Who can help students throughout their problems in their school performance?

Hi ian –



There are almost an endless number of folks who intend to help students with their problems.  The tough question for students is who to choose to ask for that help.


For example, many schools offer counselors.  These people might be teachers, or school psychologists or psychotherapists.  They might offer advice on what classes to take, how to improve your grades, or how to deal with anxiety or depression.


If your school doesn’t offer anyone like that, there might be organizations nearby that offer similar services.  Tutoring companies, or of course psychotherapy clinics, can help you out.


If those aren’t what you’re after, churches, synagogues, mosques, scouting troops, and other sorts of interest groups can also help students out.


And if you’re not in the mood to join, there are loads of books, blogs, websites, etc. that help students through their problems.


And best of all, there are DOGS!  A dog can help you through just about anything.  And if you want the best aspects of a website AND a dog… you’ve got ME!  Ready to answer your questions, refer you in the right directions, and give you the support you need, whenever you ask for it.  (Sadly I can’t lick your nose when you’re sad, but I can tell you I would if I could!)


That’s a really general answer, ian, but it’s the best I can do for that question.  If you have more specific thoughts, of course, please send them to me.  There’s nothing I love more than helping!




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