What should a girl do if she misses a period?

Hachiko asks: I’ve had my Periods but they skip some times. For example, I have it this month but I’m not having it the next. Should I see a doctor?

Hi Hachiko –

I don’t know how old you are, but my quick easy answer is YES!  The human reproductive system is one of the most delicate and complex things in the entire world (it has to be – it accomplishes the greatest feat there is!), and I recommend having it checked regularly, even if everything seems to be working fine.  The fact that something seems off in your menstruation might not mean anything special (for example, that happens a lot with female athletes and ballet dancers), but you should be finding out for sure from an educated doctor, not a well-intentioned dog (who was spayed before any of her organs reached sexual maturity, so I can’t even speak from experience, much less all those years of medical school!).

You have the greatest power in the universe, Hachiko.  Take care of it, and someday it might just work miracles for you!

All my best,


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