How to confront someone you believe robbed you

Hachiko asks: I have a feeling my house maid stole my earphones. I saw her with them twice (not directly though, like when she wears her scarf I saw a white thing – my ear-phones are white – and when I asked to see what it was, she put it in her bra!) I know I’m just a kid but I don’t like seeing people steal or lie. Also, she has friends here who she can just give things to and hide them. I figure that since you’re a dog and dogs are great in catching thieves, you’d have some good advice! 😉

Hi Hachiko –

I don’t know if there’s anything worse than losing trust in someone.  We all live our lives assuming we know who we can trust and who we can’t.  It’s as much a part of our comfort in our homes as our beds.  And when we suddenly stop trusting someone close to us, it’s just like a leg on our bed breaking.  Everything feels insecure and un-level.  And life becomes really miserable.

Of course I have no idea whether this woman stole your earphones, or if you accidentally lost them and she was hiding something else.  What I do know is that, if she did take them, your asking her about that “white thing” means she knows you’re suspicious of her.  (If she didn’t take them, she probably has no idea what you were asking about!).

Since you have no way of knowing, my thought is that you could just tell your parents about the missing earphones, and say you’ve looked all over for them, and see if they’d be willing to get you some new ones.  And if nothing more disappears, then that’ll be that.  Maybe you frightened this lady by your suspicion and stopped her from stealing anything more.  Or maybe something completely innocent happened to the earphones.

But if not, if more things keep disappearing, I would then recommend that you tell your parents, and let them deal with it, including the possibility that they have a thief under their roof.  You really don’t have the power to do anything till then.

In the meantime, the great lesson here for you, Hachiko, is that trust is one of the greatest gifts one can have, and that, once broken, it’s nearly impossible to regain.  So, as much as you can, be true to your word, live honorably, and trust others as you’d like to be trusted by them.

(Or, in terms more based on my own experience: over time, you get more treats by not stealing food off the table!!!)

Good Luck!



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