Why do we feel so uncomfortable when we see someone we’re attracted to?

burger143 asks: Why do I always feel uncomfortable every time I see my special someone? Is there anyway to stop this feeling?

Hi burger143 –

What you’re describing is absolutely universal.  When we feel (and yes I mean “we” – even we dogs have this!) a huge fondness for someone, everything about them becomes enormously important.  So the sort of stomach-ache you might normally feel only before a big test or speech will show up every time that “special someone” appears!  After all, if that person smiles at you, your world is glorious; if they don’t, you’re devastated.  So your body is just reacting to the stress that causes!

The only way to stop that feeling is to stop caring as much as you do.  This might happen because that special someone convinces you they feel the same way you do, and you stop worrying about their feelings so much.  Or it might be because, over time, you just stop caring so much about them.  But in the meantime, I’d say to enjoy what you’re experiencing.  I know it’s uncomfortable, but it still is fun, isn’t it?!  It’s that heightened reality, where colors are brighter, songs have more meaning, and everything smells better!  Really, it means you’re living the sort of excitement and in-the-moment life we dogs have all the time!

There’s a terrific old song you’re reminding me of.  It’s a duet, where one person sings about how they’re feeling all weird and odd, just like you, and the other sings:

You don’t need analyzing

It is not so surprising

That you feel very strange but nice

Your heart goes pitter-patter

I know just what’s the matter

Because I’ve been there once or twice


Put your head on my shoulder

You need someone who’s older

A rub down with a velvet glove

There is nothing you can take

To relieve that pleasant ache

You’re not sick, you’re just in love!


It’s truly the best way to be, burger143!  Enjoy it while you have it!


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