My Top 10 of 2012! – things I’m grateful for today

My Top 10 of 2012! – things i’m grateful for today

Wow has this year flown by!  It feels like weeks ago that I gave Handsome a big lick at midnight to start 2012 right.


It’s certainly been a tough one for lots of us.  From wars to attacks to the continuing lousy worldwide economy, to horrible – even fatal – weather, 2012 has tested a lot of people’s and dogs’ patience.  But I’m optimistic about 2013.


Why?  Well, because I think we’ve learned a lot this year that can help us do better, because I believe the economy’s on the upswing, and because, well, I’m just that sort of cheerful mutt!


But also because so many things this year were wonderful.  Here are ten that I’m especially thankful for:


–      Water.  Sounds boring, I know.  What’s simpler or blander than water?  But you might have heard an old song that says, “You don’t miss your water till your well runs dry?”  I’m very active, and so pant a lot, and need to drink a lot.  So I’m grateful for water every time I find any.  And, as clean water gets harder to find, there’s no question, humans need to start caring for this most precious of resources better.  But for now, I just want to bid it a friendly nod of thanks!


–      Babies.  Another very normal thing – but aren’t they absolutely amazing?!  Just through luck, I’ve had a few new ones born around me recently, and I am always intrigued by their amazing minds, their deep souls… and, yes, the fascinating smells of their diapers!  I never met a baby I didn’t like, and I’m cheering babies everywhere, but I will take this opportunity to say a special hello to my pals Hazel, Sam, Avery, Chiara, and Judson!  Welcome to my crazy world!!!


–      The Black Keys.  I tend to like quieter music in general – the noisy stuff hurts my ears.  But I’m also a puppy at heart, and really fun jumpy tunes with a great beat do get my heart racing!  If you haven’t heard this band, or their SOOOOOO FUN album El Camino, you’re missing out!  Plus it’s so fun to howl along with the chorus of “Lonely Boy,” Oh-OH-Oh-Ohhhhhh!!!


–      Red Flags.  Last year, one of my top ten faves was about good friends sticking around and bad friends leaving.  On a similar note, I want to thank “Red Flags” this year.  That’s a term for when somebody does something that reveals to you that they’re not quite as trustworthy as you had hoped.  Like if you’re on a date with a boy who seems a total sweetheart and super-sensitive and caring, and he kicks a puppy and laughs about it.  Probably not the boy to stay with, right?!  Or that girl who’s everything you’ve ever wanted, but suddenly calls you a liar and a cheat because your cousin texted you ‘hello!’  Be Thankful for these moments!  They save us from such hurt and heartbreak later on, and leave you open for possibilities of…!


–      Paperman.  Speaking of romance, I don’t see new movies very often (it’s hard for Handsome to sneak me in to the theater), but last week I saw the most romantic, beautiful, touching love story I’ve seen in years!  And it’s maybe ten minutes long!  It’s a short, almost silent, cartoon film called “Paperman,” that shows before Wreck-It Ralph, which I’m sure you’ve all heard of by now.  And it’s sad and sweet and joyous, and all about the magic that can be created when someone refuses to give up on their quest for love.  Which is something any dog – especially any who’s ever been a stray – knows a lot about!  Love This!


–      The U.S. Election.  This is a tough one to include.  We all got SO BORED with the endlessness of this contest, with all the insults and lies and half-truths, and of course the incredible waste of money that went into it – money that could have done so many good things for the world.  But I still have to say, I liked that the main participants came off as smart (not always the case), that some real issues did get honestly debated, and that the results bode well for a future where more people will be respected, regardless of their race, gender, orientation, or religion.  But maybe the best thing about this election… is that it’s OVER!


–      Gluten-Free Pizza!  Last year I listed Pizza first among things I was grateful for.  But so many people have allergies to wheat flour that I have often found my human refusing to order it (and pizza is one of those things we dogs need you to do – it’s impossible for us to make; the toenails get in the way of our tossing the crusts, you know!).  Thank Goodness for the growing trend of Gluten-Free foods, so those people can enjoy the same dishes as others… and so they can get pizzas they’ll share with ME!!!!


–      Insects!  Everybody out there complains about bugs, how they get into food and bite and spread disease and such.  Well, I hate fleas and ticks as much as anyone, but I think our littlest companions deserve a bit of gratitude too.  Without them, life as we know it would end in minutes.  We need them in so many more ways than we know, and if we sit back and observe them, they have so many lessons to teach us – bees with their code of honor, ants with their mutual support.  I’m not telling you that you can’t bite a flea that’s biting you – I certainly do! – but when these fellas are leaving us alone, they’re worth a note of thanks.


–      YOU!  No surprise with this one!  I work hard, but it’s YOU who’ve made this site what it is.  The thousands of Pack Members, the tens of thousands of visitors, all of you who send questions in, and all who write back to tell me how my thoughts worked out… or just to say hi!  You are just the best bunch of friends a pup ever had!


But you know, up till now, I’ve been able to tell you that, but never to show it. But only up till now!  Because, through the magic of my wonderful friends Sherice and Martin…


–      Now you can REALLY Scratch My Ears!  You might have noticed that, on the right side of every page of, there’s a place that says “Scratch My Ears.”  And when you’ve clicked it, I’ve loved it and said ‘thanks,’ but now you get to SEE how much I love it!  Go for it. Ear scratches are one of those special things that you can never get enough of in life!  (Like Gluten-Free Pizza!!!)


So those are what I came up with off the top of my fuzzy head today.  What are YOU feeling grateful for?  (Or perhaps, not so grateful for?!!)


Have a great month and I’ll be in touch soon!


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