Do the fears of a 15-year-old go away?

Linda asks: Sometimes I still have that alienated feeling I wrote you about before. I used to be a confident and a peaceful person. I could stay alone, go anywhere alone if I want. But now it’s become the opposite. Just sometimes I’m afraid of ghosts, but still it’s fine. I don’t understand why it happens to me. I can’t see others who are my same age having that problem. May I ask, how long do I need to get rid of it?

Hi Linda –

Thanks for explaining your situation to me with more clarity.

In terms of the usual anxiety and depression about life that 15-year-olds have, I would say you can expect it to change pretty quickly, but it might just change into a different sort of worry and discomfort.  For example, today it’s scary to go somewhere alone, but in a couple of months you might have a wild crush on someone and not be able to get them off your mind, even though they’re unattainable.  And a few months after that, you might get very upset about something going on in global politics!

Usually, though, the adolescent blues will go away at some point.  I’m going to take a wild guess and say that they will probably go within a year, but it’s impossible for anyone to know exactly what your timetable will be.  I can promise, though, that it WILL get better.

But one more thing – you brought up the issue of ghosts in your letter.  Is this a general thing (you’re feeling like there are ghosts around you), or do you feel some spirit in particular is bothering you?  If it’s the general one, it might be you just feeling anxiety, or you might be somewhat psychic.  If so, you should talk with someone else who has that gift as well (I don’t).  But if you’re feeling like a specific ghost is around you, I would strongly advise you to find some time when you can be alone, turn out the lights, put on a candle, and sit there for a good long time, and try to ask the spirit what it wants from you.  The answer might turn out to be something really positive.

Anyway, let me know how it all goes.  I’m pushing for you!


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