What to do with a hyperactive baby

toddlers asks: My baby girl is nine months old. I find her to be a hyperactive child. How should I handle her psychologically?

Hi toddlers –

It’s very normal for a nine-month-old baby to be super-active, and get into everything.  That’s what I was like as a puppy too!  If that’s what you’re talking about, then there’s nothing to worry about except your own exhaustion.  But if the baby is truly acting abnormal in her sleep patterns, mood, or inability to focus, you should definitely take her to a medical doctor, to have her tested.

In terms of ADHD, though, it’s way too early for that to be determined.  What might look to you like hyperactivity might just be that she’s a bright, curious, and energetic child, who’s embracing every waking moment to the fullness of her ability…  in other words, she’s PERFECT!

As long as there’s nothing physically wrong with her, I’d wait until she’s at least five years old before I’d worry at all about a hyperactivity disorder.  When she’s at school with other kids, then, if she seems wildly more hyperactive than the others, you might consider getting her tested by a psychologist.  But for now, I’d say that your job is the same as that of other parents, but perhaps more so than usual:

KEEP UP with her!

Good Luck!


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