What to do if your friends want you to sing but you don’t think you’re good enough

Shellyx asks: My 2 bezzies and I started a band. I don’t think I can sing. I write songs and sing at home but never to them. They keep nagging me to sing but I’m too shy/embarrassed because they’re both really good. They like my songs but they haven’t heard me sing. What do I do? Xxxxx

Hi Shellyx –

Wow do I envy you, that someone wants to hear you sing!  Everyone hates it when I do.  Even Handsome, who loves me more than anything, says I have as ugly a bark as he’s ever heard!

So it seems to me that you’re finding yourself in a very funny situation.  Your friends want you to sing, but you’re afraid that if they hear you sing they won’t like your voice.  But the one way to get them to stop bugging you to sing would be… if you sang!  So my advice is…


What bad could happen?  If they agree with you that you sound like me when the meter readers are checking our yard, then they’ll leave you alone.  And if they don’t agree with you, then maybe you’ll find out that your voice isn’t as bad as you think.

After all, some of the most popular singers of all time have had very odd, or even “ugly” voices.  Al Jolson, Billie Holiday, Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, Tom Waits, Macy Gray… oh the list just goes on forever.  Now I’m not saying you’re one of them.  But I’m not saying you’re not either!  So let it loose, open your mouth and howl as if it’s a full moon.

Again, what have you got to lose!



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