What to do if a popular boy is attracted to you

lillyanna asks: I recently heard that the most popular boy in my village has a crush on me. This came as a surprise because I am not all that popular and taught he did not know who I was. What should I do?

Hi lillyanna –



Oh I wonder how many of our readers are yelling at you as they read this, “JUMP ON HIM, SILLY!”  And of course, I agree, but I jump on everybody, so I’m not a good role model in that!


My big question is what you think of this guy.  I mean, I guess Justin Bieber is about the most popular boy in the world right now, but there are lots of girls out there who aren’t into him at all.  So when it comes to this boy, are you one of them, or a “Belieber”?!


Now if you’re attracted to this boy, then the news is great.  All you need to do is relax and wait.  I get lots of letters asking about how to get shy boys to ask girls out, but in your case, his popularity will mean he’s got the confidence to approach you if he wants.


But if you’re not that into him, that will get a bit more interesting.  He’ll still come to you at some point, and then you’ll need to tell him you don’t want to date him, and you might be the first girl who’s ever said that to him!  So he might be kind of shocked!


But neither of these sounds bad to me.  The fact is, you’re in a position of great power.  You can say yes or no to this popular boy, and his interest probably has made other people look at you in a different way, which is really cool.


So what should you do now?  I’d suggest you jump up and down in glee!  I sure would!


Good Luck!




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