Why is it so annoying to be a tween?

Fro-yo asks: Everything’s been bothering me! The little things my parents do, to the things they say to me – Blah blah blah – and I’m starting to get a few little bumps around my face (I am 11). I hate to say this, but I think I might be getting the early stages of my period. This is not good! I’m really grumpy, and annoyed by everything!!! What should I do to help myself relax and stop being such a Grinch?!

Hi Fro-yo –



Well, I guess the easy answer is that the way to not be such a Grinch is to let your heart grow at least two sizes!


But on a more realistic level, you sound to me like you’re right on schedule, for a pretty early bloomer.  It seems like you’re going to be one of the first girls of your age to fully enter adolescence.  And such effects as bumps on your face, annoyance with what your parents say, and beginning to menstruate, are absolutely normal and expected in that.  The next change, probably the one that will affect your life the most, is that your body shape is about to change.  There’s no way to say it other than plainly – you’re becoming a woman.  And I sure understand why you’d be concerned by that, but it’s also some of the most amazingly incredibly cool news you’ll ever have!


So what should you do to relax?  Well, I guess the first thing is to give up on any hopes of these things not happening, because nothing’s going to stop them now.  But beyond that, I’d say to, as much as you can, step back and enjoy it.  These changes are AMAZING!  And to see what you can do to make the changes as pleasant as possible.


For example, maybe you’ll find there are certain foods you can avoid, or supplements you can take, to help your complexion stay calmer.  And maybe there are things you can do to reduce any pain or bloating you might get with your periods.  And definitely there will be things you can do to help keep your relationship with your parents more serene.


But beyond that, again, just enjoy.  As annoying as you might find being one of the first to hit these milestones, you’ll find the girls who take longer being just as embarrassed and annoyed as you, feeling they’re being left behind.


You see, everyone who experiences these changes in their lives (boys as well as girls) feels the same discomfort about it you do.  I’m not going to tell you not to feel it at all – that’s impossible.  But I will say that the less miserable you can be about it, the better.


Because just THINK of all the glorious experiences and adventures you’re heading to now!  Truly, this is the beginning of the rest of your life!


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isha choudhary - August 7, 2012 Reply

dear fro-yo;

i was also something like you some time back but now i’m not like that cause i’ve accepted the situation and moved on. your parents care for u and they are concerened so they are always after u. try seeing the love in their scoldings rather than cribbing and tell them that now u are big enough to not recieve slaps and blows.

kyky - June 20, 2013 Reply

yeah its true fro-yo

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