What to do if your parents wrongly suspect you have a boyfriend

Alondra asks: What should I do when my parents are assuming I have a boyfriend?

Hi Alondra –



Do I have this straight?  Your parents are assuming you have a boyfriend, but you don’t?


If so, then my absolute advice is to give them a major reality check!  You don’t have to be quite this rude, but I’m thinking of something along the lines of “Hello?!  Do you see me with a boy?  Do you see me talking with a boy all night?  Would you like to look at my very boring Facebook page or texts?  Everything’s about other people’s relationships, and the trouble and excitement they’re having.  Sorry, Mom and Dad, but my life is boring!  Tell you what, how about you keep believing it, though, and maybe if you believe hard enough it’ll come true!  Which I would find a lot more interesting than the life I’m living now!”


Okay, so maybe I’ll try that again, a little more politely.  “I’d love to know what’s leading you to think that, Mom and Dad, but no, I don’t have a boyfriend. I hope you trust me enough to believe me, but if not, I can show you my Facebook page or my texts.  But you’d have to absolutely promise not to repeat anything you see about others there, okay?”


Let me know if those help.


Good Luck!



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