What’s so great about sex?

Prettyndsweet12 asks: What makes sex so fun that everybody wants to do it so much?

Hi prettyndsweet12 –



Well, I guess I should start by correcting you – there are lots of people who don’t want to do it much at all, and most people only want it at certain times, with a certain person or people, and when they’re in a certain mood.  It’s nowhere near like me with barbecued spare ribs, which I want ALL the time!!!


Having said that, though, of course the fact is that, overall, people (and animals) do like doing it.  If we didn’t, our species simply would never have survived (Who knows, maybe there have been sorts of animals that never liked sex at all.  Funny, they just don’t seem to be around anymore!).


So if you’re asking literally what makes it fun, it’s a mixture of the playful naughtiness (not unlike when you tickle someone or they tickle you), the really good physical feelings it gives, and the feeling of being wanted and loved.


Of course, that’s all when it’s at its best.  When it’s not good, it’s pretty awful.  Have you ever read my post in response to HarrietteS’s question about what to do if her date wants more than she does?  It tells a true story about me, at a time when I really didn’t want what someone else wanted.


As I’ve said so many times, the real trick with romance and sex, especially as teenagers, is to take things as slowly as you can.  If you do, prettyndsweet12 – if you can, for example, find someone you really like and go out with them and get to like them more and more – you’re eventually going to want to hold their hand.  And that’s going to feel really good.  And maybe you’ll want to hug them, or give them a kiss.  And that might lead to kissing on each other’s lips.  And every bit you get more and more close, your natural instincts will click in, and you’ll be more and more drawn to doing more.


So don’t worry, you’ll know what’s exciting about sex way before you ever do any of it!  Just take lots of time.  There’s absolutely no hurry.  Enjoy every little bit of it as it arrives.  And if so, you’ll find it’s just a total blast.





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