Should we be concerned about December 12, 2012?

gaga asks: What may be the effects of the solar cycle 24 starting on December 21, 2012, in our social life?

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There seems to be some confusion here.  Solar Cycle 24 is a period of sunspot activity, and began in 2008.  It’s expected to peak in 2013 when we have over 90 sunspots.


The thing about 12-21-12 is a belief that, well, the world is going to come to an end!  The Mayans were an ancient people in Mexico, who at their time had the most accurate and sophisticated calendar in the world.  Their calendar ends on that date.  Lots of people are concerned that the Mayans knew something we don’t, and think the world will come to an end on that day.  Other people think there’s nothing to be afraid of, any more than you’d worry that the 2012 calendar hanging on your wall implies that the world will come to an end on New Year’s Eve.


I suppose there are those who think that it will be sunspot activity that causes the end of the world, but I haven’t heard of any reputable scientists who are concerned about the December 12 thing.  Some religions might have that date as the apocalypse, but different religions have picked other dates throughout time, and so far none of them has been right.


So as far as your social life goes, my advice is what it’s always been.  Live EVERY day as if it’s going to be the end of the world.  Be kind to people since it might be the last time you ever see them.  Be true to yourself, follow the best of your religion if you have one… and give lots of treats to friendly dogs!!


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