How to find a website for 12-year-olds

zainacute asks: These days I feel so bored. Can you help me to find a website for 12-year-olds?

Hi zainacute –



Well, my friend, you are ON a website for 12-year-olds!  You’re just the right age for  (Of course, so is just about everyone else who’s old enough to read it!).


There are just countless websites out there for young people.  The answer would be for you to look for what interests you.  If you like basketball, find sites about that.  If you like old Frankenstein movies, find sites about that.  If you like music, find sites about your favorite singers.


The only warning I want to put is that there are lots of sites out there that are not for 12-year-olds.  If you go onto the AskShirelle website and search for my answer to moonfur’s question, I talk about this a lot there.  But really the best way to determine what’s right and wrong with websites is to ask your parents, if they’re around.


But again, as long as a site isn’t inappropriate for you, the internet is such a joy, because you can find whatever you’re into there!  Go ahead, try it.  What song is going through your head right now?  I’ll bet if you type its name into a search engine, you’ll find all sorts of really fun sites that will not only tell you all about the song, but show you other places you can go, that you find really fun and interesting.


Have at it!


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