Is it dangerous to date someone too good-looking?

michelle asks: What will you do if a very handsome guy who is every girl`s dream tells you he loves you? Would you accept it because he is every girls dream? Or not?

Hi michelle –



Well, I might be the wrong one to ask.  You see, to my mind, the handsomest guy in the world is the human I live with.  No one in the world makes me happier to see.  That’s why I call him Handsome.


And Handsome tells me he loves me every day.  In a thousand ways.  So what do I do when he tells me that?  Let’s see, I jump on him, I lick his face, I bite his ankles, I bring him toys so he’ll play with me, I lie next to him and fall asleep feeling his heartbeat…  I do a lot.


Now this might sound like I’m avoiding your question, but I’m really not.  It sounds to me like you’re really afraid of the fact that this boy is so handsome.  You think that, because he’s so good-looking, he might be insincere, or other women will want to steal him away from you, or maybe he’s just playing a mean trick on you.


Well here’s the truth.  Handsome people, normal-looking people, and downright ugly people, are all capable of being sincere or insincere, faithful or not, and mean or really kind.  Their looks don’t really matter at all.  What you need to do is look beyond his looks, into his character, to see what he’s really like and how he’d treat you.


Although there is one exception to this rule.  If he is so unbelievably great looking that you lose control over him, then maybe that’s scaring you.  It could be that you simply swoon every time you see him, and being with him makes you want to forget about everything else you care about.  And if you really hooked up with him, you’d never leave home again, you’d give up on having a career, and you’d be unhappy any time he was away.


In other words, michelle, you’d be just like me!


So look deeply into him, and into yourself.  And figure out if he’s the sort of person you’d want to be in a romance with, and also if you’d be the sort of person you want to be, if you were in that romance.


And if the answer to both is yes, then hey girlfriend, go for it!  Enjoy what life is offering you, and walk through every day knowing that everyone who sees you is totally jealous of how lucky you are.


Again, my dear… just like me!


Good Luck,



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