How to name a dog

dog asks: What is the name of your dog?

Hi dog –



Umm…  I’m kind of confused.  You see, I am a dog!  I don’t own one.  I guess I could if I had puppies, but I don’t.


Rather, I just have a human.  Now I hear people call him different things all the time, but I call him a name I made up.  You see, just like all dogs, I think my human is the most wonderful, brilliant, and best-smelling person in the world.  And there’s no one whose looks make me happier.  So I call him Handsome.


Now, if I could have a dog, you make me wonder, what would I name it?  There are a few names I’ve always liked, so maybe I’d pick one of those.  Phoebe?  Penelope?  Roger?  Or maybe I’d name the dog after some quality of theirs – like some of my friends like Scruffy or Kuma (the Japanese word for Bear, which is just what he looks like!).


But if I could pick any name for a dog, I’d probably want to pick a name that really exemplifies its soul.  Like I know a guy who had a puppy, and he named her after an old singing group.  Because their name had no other meaning than music, romance, humor, sassiness, and sweet longing.  Let’s see, what was the name he picked?  Oh that’s right!




Thanks again,



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