Is Shirelle a girl?

popopants: Are you a girl? They understand better.

Hi popopants –


So often on here, my answer comes down to the meaning of words.  “Girl” usually means a young female human.  Well, in people years I’m pretty young (after all, no dog ever gets as old as a middle-aged human).  And I’m definitely female.  And I’m definitely not human.  So am I a “girl?”

Well, when Handsome is happy with me, he does often say “Good Girl!”  And one of his many nicknames for me is “Girlfriend to the World.”  But on the other hand, when he’s very unhappy with me, he’ll say “Bad Dog!”  Never “Bad Girl.”  And when I’m running and jumping like crazy on people, he’ll comment that “that dog’s got as much testosterone as the Green Bay Packers.”  So it’s a bit mixed.  (Which fits; I’m a husky-mix!)

But I think you’re asking if I see things from a female standpoint.  Because you feel that girls understand things better.  Well, sure, sometimes I do.  Like I know how fun it is to be chased by a really spunky German Shepherd, and feel wanted and worth chasing, in a way that we tend to think of as feminine.  And I’m very caring and nurturing, such as when Handsome has a cold and I curl up to keep him warm for hours on end.

But I think the reason you see me understanding a lot isn’t because I’m a girl.  It’s because I’m a dog!  You see, as a dog I sit around watching you humans a lot, and I get to observe and pick up on many things you all are too busy to notice.  Plus, I have GREAT hearing and smelling, far better than yours.  So I can learn things that go on behind closed doors, or even in other people’s houses!

But more than anything else, as a dog, I just simply love people.  Any person I meet, I want to be my friend.  I want to play with them, lick their face, get tummy rubs from them.

That doesn’t mean I think all people are perfect (again, I hear and smell too much to believe that!).  But I do believe that all people begin good.  So because of that, I am extremely interested in humans having good childhoods, that make them into happy, responsible, caring adults.  Because, you see, adults like that never hurt dogs!  Adults like that are fully trustworthy.  Adults like that are just the sort of humans I most want to play rugby with!  (Oh and by the way, I don’t really know the rules of rugby.  I just make them up as we play!)

So here’s what I think.  I’m going to make a wild guess that you, popopants, ARE a girl.  And that you believe that that helps you understand more.  Well if so, that’s splendidly fantastically wonderfully awesome.  Wherever your gift of understanding comes from, you should be proud of it, and relish it, and use it all you can.  And you should love being a girl!  Girls are totally amazing – as most boys can tell you!

But if I’m wrong, and you’re a boy, boys are amazing too.  Most girls will tell you that!

(Or…  actually, maybe they won’t.  Hmmm…   Oh well, we dogs sure like them!)

Thanks again!


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