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prettyndsweet12 asks: I have a major crush on this boy, and this girl who knows I like him is always hugging on him and flirting with him and he likes her too. Can you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease give me advice on how to approach him and ask him out – because I want to get him before she does!

Hi prettyndsweet12 –

You want this boy to want to go out with you?  Make it happen!  If I see someone I want to like me, I run up to them and jump up and lick their face!  That’s probably not exactly the way for you to do it, but this isn’t the time for a slow approach.  You want to know “how to approach him and ask him out… before she does?”  DO IT!

Find excuses to talk with him, find out what he’s interested in, and ask him to something he likes.  What would that be?  Any of a million things!  You could:

  1. Offer to help him with a class he’s having trouble with
  2. Ask him to help you with a class you’re having trouble with (even if you’re not really having that much trouble with it!)
  3. Take him to a game of his favorite sport
  4. Take him to a movie he wants to see
  5. Take him to a school event (like a play or a concert or whatever your school does)
  6. Say there’s a restaurant you want to try, and ask if he’d join you there.
  7. Just ask him to hang out, and go shopping or something.
  8. Ask him to help you with a project you’re working on.
  9. Ask him to a political event, supporting a cause you both believe in.

10.Or, best of all… Ask him to go hiking with you and a dog!  Anything’s more fun with a dog there, and you’ll also be safer with one.  And who knows, we dogs often have a good sense of character, so if he’s a total jerk or tries anything creepy with you, maybe the pooch can figure it out and bite him!

So those are a few suggestions.  But my main suggestion is a simpler one: Start it happening NOW!


Good Luck my friend,


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