Do you believe in Magic?

Hasitha asks: Do you believe magic?

Hi Hasitha –

What a great question!  It’s a rare and special person who’d write a dog to ask if she believes in Magic, but you are just that person, and I appreciate it!

Now to give a decent answer, I need to clarify what you mean by Magic.  If you mean to ask whether I believe it when people perform magic tricks, I have to admit that, as a dog, I’m very gullible.  I believe whatever I see.  If someone shows me an empty hat and pulls a rabbit out of it, I’ll believe they just pulled that rabbit out of that hat.  But I have that same kind of surprise every day.  Handsome will walk into the house with a paper bag, and out of it comes a can, and out of that can comes my dinner!  That’s totally amazing to me!

But I’m guessing you’re asking about Magic in the bigger sense: do I believe in things that don’t obey the rules of normal science.  Well, I see this in a different way to most humans too.  See, a hundred years or so ago, people had never flown.  But those two guys with the cool names (any readers out there named Orville or Wilbur?!) managed to do just that.  Was that Magic?  It sure seemed so at the time!

And look at our time.  Is it Magic that people are talking on telephones that aren’t connected by wires, and even sending pictures and videos on them?  Is it Magic that in just the time you’ve been reading this, some scientist somewhere has just found the next step in curing a disease?  Is it Magic that that cure might well be found before either of us catches that illness, and will save our lives?

And of course there’s so much more Magic than that!  As you’re reading this, babies and puppies are being born, are opening their eyes, are breathing for the first time.  Somewhere on Earth, the sun is just setting, while on the other side, it’s just creeping up to ignite a new day.  Flowers are blooming, giant clouds are sending lightning bolts and pouring water from the sky… isn’t this all totally Magical?

And too, someone is seeing someone else right now for the first time, and feeling a spark that will result in their falling in love for the rest of their lives.  A baby is looking into its mother’s eyes and feeling a connection that shivers through both their bodies.  And a person in an animal shelter is picking a puppy up and getting a lick on the nose that will bond them together forevermore.

And most exciting to me of all, you thought to write me this question, and you’re reading it right now.  I have no idea where you are, but my feelings and ideas are (I hope!) affecting you.   How amazing is that?!!!

There’s an old song that goes

          “Do you believe in magic in a young girl’s heart

          How the music can free her whenever it starts? 

          And it’s magic, if the music is groovy

          It makes you feel happy like an old time movie!”

Do I believe in Magic?!  Oh Hasitha, I don’t know if I believe in anything BUT Magic!!!


Thanks Again,



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