How can teens and parents have a healthy relationship

Jtchelliah asks: how do teens and parents have a healthy relationship?

Hi Jtchelliah –

The answer to your question could fill an encyclopedia!  I would guess that around a quarter of the questions on the AskShirelle website are about this general subject.

I couldn’t begin to give you a decent answer to it, because of this, but I can direct you to a lot of pieces about it.  First, look to the right of this page, where you’ll see a list of Categories.  One of them is “Parenting.”  Click on that, and you’ll go to a ton of questions, many of which are about teens.

Another way you can do this is to go to the Search box (just above the Categories list), and type in “Teenager,” “Teenagers,” “Teen,” or “Teens.”  Again, you’ll get all sorts of questions and answers.  Everything from how to improve communication to how to resolve arguments to how to make the next generation the greatest ever.

If there’s anything you don’t find that you want, be sure to write me back about those specific things, and I’ll be very glad to answer your questions.





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