What advice would you give the new Egypt?

super-smart-girl asks: I need some advice for Egyptians, so I can send it to my Facebook wall. Do you have any good ideas?

Hi super-smart-girl –


Thanks for writing me.  I’m a little confused by your question, though.  Are you asking for advice for Egyptians?  Like, what advice would you give to the nation of Egypt, with all the changes they’re going through right now?


If that’s the case, then here’s mine:  A nation who treats all its people, and its neighbors, with respect, dignity, and kindness, will last centuries.  A nation who treats its people with prejudice and cruelty will fall.  This is why Mr. Mubarak is out of power now.  Rise, Egypt, to be as great and noble a nation as you can be, and your place in the world will be as eternal and grand as your pyramids.  Give in to prejudice and fear, and you will go down like the Pharaohs.


How’s that?!  Not bad for a doggy, eh?!!




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