Should a girl wait to have her first boyfriend?

Lady Ritzy asks: Girls in this site generally talk about their boy friends. I wish I could have a BF too. I don’t know if you can understand me or not, but I think in this age it’s too soon to have BF, because I want to focus in my school and studying. Maybe it’s better to wait and see what will happen!!! Do you have a person from Iran or in your website people are just from US??? You know I’m really glad that I found this website and guess what I found it from wiki. Thanks, I feel so comfortable with you.

Hi Lady Ritzy –


Well I can’t agree or disagree with you about when to first have a boyfriend.  I think it’s up to the people involved.  My bigger concern (as I say in a lot of posts here) is what the boyfriend and girlfriend do, especially if one of them feels they’re not ready for it.  But if people want to hold hands and kiss for the first time at age 11 or age 21, that’s their business!  So in other words, I totally support your decision to hold off on that till you feel ready.  And yes, do that studying, and become successful enough that you can really devote yourself to that great romance that’s awaiting you in the future… sometime after Chemistry and Calculus have let you go!


To your other question, I don’t have a lot of “website people.”  I write all the material myself, while Handsome helps me with getting it onto the computer.  Then I have a wonderful website designer named Sherice, who you can find at, and I can’t recommend highly enough.  Handsome and Sherice both live in the U.S., though so far apart that they’ve never met!  Then there is one other person who’s very involved.  And that is the wonderful, incredible artist who has made all the beautiful pictures you see on this site.  His name is Martin, and he lives in Argentina.  And that’s it!  I would love to have someone from Iran working with me too, just because I love Persian food and they might accidentally drop some onto the floor sometimes!  But for now, that’s our whole system.


Thanks for your so-sweet comments!



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