Is there something wrong with not having been kissed?

princess23 asks: I’m 15 years old and never been kissed. Is there something wrong with me? I’m the only girl in my class who hasn’t kissed a guy and it’s kinda embarrassing. HELP ME!!

Oh Princess23!


Thanks for your question about not having been kissed yet.


You see, this is why I find humans so silly!  By the time I was a few days old, I’d been kissed, slobbered on, and bitten by so many other puppies I couldn’t begin to count them!  And that doesn’t mention how many I’D kissed, slobbered on, and bitten!  Now here you are, a 15-year-old princess, and haven’t been kissed at all?!  It sounds like a fairy tale!



And of course, in truth, it is!  All people’s love lives are fairy tales.  Love is always strange and crazy and senseless.  So do I think there’s something wrong with you?  Of course not!  You’re just experiencing a part of your own unique and special life story – one that you’re not particularly liking!  And I can’t guarantee just how long it will last.


But what I can do is tell you this:  you are 15, and while you can’t change other people, you can change yourself!  You have the ability and the right to make all sorts of decisions about your own identity.  In fact, one might argue that, as a teenager, you have a responsibility to do so!

So what am I suggesting?  Well, maybe you’re kind of shy, and tend to stay by yourself a lot while the other kids are out socializing.  Do you have to stay that way?  Could you decide to, instead, become more gregarious (a fancy word for being friendly with lots of people)?

Maybe you’ve always been someone who’s been great at academics or sports, by putting all your focus there.  Could you maybe put that same focus on meeting more boys?

And maybe you’ve always been someone who’s acted properly and appropriately.  So what would happen if you just walked up to some guy who had no expectation of it and just planted a big smooch on him?  I do that sort of thing all the time!  I actually like licking people better if they don’t expect it!


Now please don’t get me wrong.  I don’t want to encourage you to do anything more than you absolutely want to do.  Lots of times teenage girls do a lot of things with boys that they feel bad about afterwards, in order to be popular or feel accepted.  I want the opposite – I want you to only do things that make you feel great, and better about yourself!  And I am guessing that there could well be some changes you could make (maybe in the way you carry yourself, the way you dress, the way you deal with others) that would make you feel better about yourself, and thereby make you more attractive to boys – and more the object of major puckering!


So while I’m telling you not to feel bad about being where you are in life, I’m also suggesting that you use this annoyance as an opportunity to make any changes in yourself – changes into the sort of young woman you want to be.

And when you do, I have no doubt – the princes will be lining up in hope!!!





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abhishek - October 18, 2011 Reply

hi princess it is very good that you never been kissed don’t feel bad about it because you are saved by God from sattan the right time to kiss a guy is after marriage so wait for your turn

    Shirelle - October 18, 2011 Reply

    Remember, one of my favorite things about this site is that I get to embrace people from everywhere, and from all religions and beliefs. As a dog, I don’t have a religion, so I clearly don’t subscribe to the same beliefs as the above comment, but I love that abhishek cares enough to share this comment.

Lady Ritzy - October 28, 2011 Reply

You know you have the ability to choose what you want to do now. I am a teenage girl too, I’m 14, but in my country boys’ and girls’ schools are separate 🙁 And in my country, kissing a guy is a wish for girls (maybe you can’t understand what I am saying, but lucky you because you have chance to taste it). But it’s up to you!

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