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shhhhhh asks: How can I get to answer the questions of other users, as I really want to give my opinion to others?

Hi shhhhhh –


Thanks for your question about how to comment on the questions on my website.


Great!  I love it when people add to my comments, and create conversations about the things we talk about.  I’m very well-intentioned, but often someone else can say things I’ve never thought of, that might add to, or even prove to be better than, what I’ve said.  So thanks!


All you need to do is look at my answer to their question.  At the bottom of each answer is a box that says “Leave a Reply.”  Write your thoughts in that box, and click where it says “Submit Comment.” That’s it!


One note though – because I want to make sure everything on this site is appropriate for all ages, your thoughts won’t be posted until I’ve had a chance to read them.  I don’t mind you disagreeing with me (I love it!), but I do want to make sure there aren’t any bad words or mean things in the post.  I might also fix up some spelling or grammar if I think it’s necessary for clarity.


So please make all the comments you like, and we’ll get a great talk going!




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