How can an advice-giver get advice?

puppy12 asks: This is really hard for me because I’m usually the one to give advice to everyone I know, but I would really like to know how to be complacent about myself with life? It seems like everything just hurts. Why is it so easy for me to give advice to people, but so hard to give myself advice? I just want someone to give me advice for once, and be on the receiving side of attention.

Hi puppy12 –


Thanks for your question about how to get better at taking your own advice.


Well I sure know how that feels!  I love the feeling I get from giving advice here.  Then when I’m done being the know-it-all on the computer, I go back into my regular life where I have the same problems I always have (how to keep from getting sad when I’m left alone, how to go grocery shopping without anyone noticing I’m a dog, and how to climb trees and really get those squirrels out of here!). I guess it’s always that way with puppies like us; we’re just better at helping others than ourselves!


Now my problem is that you didn’t ask me about a specific problem. You want to be able to give yourself advice instead.  So here’s my advice to you:  Stop it!  Let someone else in!  Don’t be the expert!  It requires some humility, but it feels so good once you do it.  You see, your desire to give yourself advice IS the problem!  Life is so much better when someone else helps you out!


You can use me if you like, or you can pick one of those friends you’re always helping.  And all you have to do is ask:  “Hey my friend, can you give me some help?”  You’ll be amazed at how happy people are to give advice.  But of course they are – that’s why you and I love giving it!  It simply feels good!


So next time you hurt, reach out.  Admit you don’t know the answer. And let someone else help you out.  It will feel so good inside your heart, you won’t believe it!  And you’ll learn why others appreciate you!


And then, puppy12, once that’s happened…  do you have any suggestions about my grocery store problem?!


Good Luck!



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