How to tell if a boy staring at you actually likes you

1471999 asks: I am a 12 years old girl.A boy who is younger than me looks at me in the class very often. Does that means he loves me?

Hi 1471999 –


I need to split your question into two parts.  The first is the question of what the word “love” means.  There are other posts on this website about this – about how it’s different from a “crush,” about how real love takes time, etc.  You might want to check those out.


But the second, about what this boy is feeling?  My guess is that yes, he’s interested in you.  But be warned – he may not know it yet!!  Boys usually develop a little later than girls, so this boy could be a “late bloomer,” and not know exactly why he’s finding you so interesting!


It’s certainly nothing to worry about.  If he has a bit of a crush on you, that’s just a great compliment.  And if he actually approaches you and says he wants to hang out, that’s a compliment too.  You don’t have to if you don’t want to, of course.


Either way, welcome to Teenagedom!  It’s an amazing time, and my guess is that he won’t be the last boy who finds you worth checking out, so Enjoy!




Ps: Is this the same boy you wrote me about in that other letter, who looks at you with “strange eyes?”  If so, it makes me think even more that he likes you!  But if it’s not, you may have TWO admirers!!!


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