What are fun things for teenagers to do on vacation dates?

YJaan asks: Its actually the school holidays (3 weeks) and my boyfriend and I have decided to meet in a few days. I want to make this meeting sweet, enjoyable and memorable. What do you suggest we do? Help me please…

Hi YJaan –

Well this feels like an excellent sequel to your last question.  Thanks for asking it!  I suggested that you take your time and enjoy your relationship, and now you’re asking for some suggestions of what you can do.  Okay, here goes:

1)    Movies!  I can’t go to a movie theater, but people sure seem to love them, and it’s a great place for couples, since they can hang out together and actually learn a lot about what each other likes.  Go to a thriller, a comedy, a love story, a fantasy… and see who this is you’re with!

2)    Hiking – Is there somewhere near you where the two of you can go for a long walk in nature?  People often have really great conversations, different from what they’d have in their usual environments, when they’re out in the wild for a long time.  Plus it’s really good for you.

3)    Amusement Parks – Okay, here’s another place I’ve never been allowed.  But if you can go to a place with roller coasters and other rides, or maybe with lots of games and contests (even a video arcade can work), that’s a great way for you two to be together, active, goofy, maybe scared, and really have a lot of fun.

4)    Dancing – Now this means lots of different things to different people today.  I know that for a lot of teens, “dancing” is virtually the same as making out, or more!  That’s not what I’m suggesting.  I’m talking about going somewhere with bright fun music where you two can bounce around and have a blast.  Sure it’s sexy to dance and be around other people dancing, but that’s just fun and romantic and great.  That’s what I’m talking about!

5)    Games – Do you have friends you can get together with and have a Game Night?  Charades, Pictionary, or any board games you like can be a total blast.  And yes, again, I always love situations like this where you’ll learn more about each other!

6)    And one last one.  Each of you make a list of things that you like to do that you’ve never done together.  At least ten.  Then write up another list of things that each of you would like to do that you’ve never done!  At least five.  Then look at your lists – you’ll have potentially thirty things to do that are interesting to at least one of you!  Then see if you can do any of them during this fun time together!

So those are my main suggestions YJaan.  But remember, if you can do any of them and have a dog along, as a companion to you two, it’s even better!  For example, I didn’t mention eating!  Now if you two go out to eat, or cook together, or just grab some take-out, I promise a dog will be very friendly the whole time!!


Have fun!



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