Do good students always “fall off” as they near the end of high school?

pia asks: Hi, I have just completed my 10th, with a very good percentage. Many people have told me that students who score well in 10th usually tend to get low in 12th and fall in bad ways. I have lost all my confidence and motivation! I hope you understand my problem.

Oh what a bunch of poops!  I’m a big fan of telling the full truth, but this is a perfect example of what happens when people talk NEGATIVE all the time!  Look at you, Pia!  You are an excellent student, and clearly have a really good attitude.  Now do some students fall off at the end of their high school years (especially if they’ve already been accepted to a college or university)?  Absolutely.  But do you have to?  Of course not!

And look at what these naysayers have done to you!  You say that you’ve “lost all confidence and motivation.”  Yucch!  I hate that!


So here’s how to get it back!  First, remember who you are, and how you got that great percentage this last year. You worked hard, right?  You studied and learned what you had to learn.  You didn’t go out partying with friends to all hours and doing too many things that hurt your body.  Okay?  So… Keep It Up!  You know exactly what to do!  Some others have at times fallen off from sticking with these behaviors.  That’s too bad.  YOU can do what you feel like!  Those people don’t define your future at all!


And second, take a good look at those people who told you all those things, and think about each one of them.  Does he or she talk that negatively all the time?  If not, then it’s just someone talking about a particular worry they had, and that’s no big deal.  But if they do – if they’re always telling you how you’re going to fail, how all your work isn’t going to add up to anything, how you’re not so great – then Avoid Them!  Leave them out in the Litterbox where they belong!


And then, yes, there is a third.  You’ve just finished a big difficult year.  Give yourself a break. LET yourself have a month or two with no “confidence and motivation.”  See some movies, have some fun, hang out with friends.  School will restart soon enough, and it will be good for you to be relaxed and recharged.


And when you are, oh how I’m going to love watching you prove those losers wrong!!!




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