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Cat asks: Hi, I’ve just finished high school with a total of 98.5 %, thanks God, and I am really confused about choosing the college that is suitable for me. I can’t choose between being a doctor or a dentist, with respect to the importance of the materialistic side of the job, but I really wish I could find some advice about this stuff with a report about colleges that includes the fields of study & jobs of each. Thanks a million.

Wow, Cat!  I’m always putting cats down and insulting their intelligence, but you sure provide an exception to that rule!  Well-done!!

I live in the United States, and here there are tons of books that come out every year, comparing and contrasting all sorts of colleges and universities, and rating them on lots of scales.  I don’t know where you live, but I would suggest doing a web-search for a similar sort of list.  “Comparative Listing of Medical Schools in New Guinea” or “Best Universities in Eastern Europe” or “Most Successful Dental Schools in Iran…” whatever’s appropriate for you.  Many high schools also have someone there who’s knowledgeable about good colleges.  If you don’t have that, you might try going to a library and asking someone there what they have.  Any of these can help, and frankly this is such an important and expensive decision, I’d suggest you do all of
them and more.  Really, know what you need, to make the best decision

But I’m also going to throw in a warning to you.  There are no professions in the world more noble than medical ones (including dentistry).  If this is truly what you want to do, then I bow to you, truly.  But I worry a bit when you talk about the “materialistic” side.  Nothing wrong with becoming rich, of course, but I do want to ask: are you sure this is the profession you want?  You might want to look at a college that offers the classes you’d need, in order to prepare for medical school, but that also teaches other classes that
interest you, so that you can be sure of what you want.  As glorious as the medical professions are, I’d sure hate to see you finish medical school and realize you’d just wasted years of your life in preparing for a job you don’t like.

This is a great time for exploring, Cat.  Learn about colleges, and learn about biology and anatomy.  But also learn about yourself.  It’s that learning that will make you truly great at whatever you end up doing.

Good Luck!

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