Why we sometimes feel alone.

nanny asks: Why am I always alone?

Oh nanny, I know that feeling!  It’s so painful!


But then there those days when I wake up and feel like I’ve got so many people and dogs around me I can’t find space to think!  So if that’s true, I can’t really be alone, can I?!


The truth is that we often feel way more alone than we really are.  We might spend a day by ourselves, but that doesn’t really mean we’re alone.  We’re still in the minds and hearts of our families and friends, and we have so much effect (good and not) on others all the time.  But when we feel alone, that’s about our state of mind.


The biggest question is what you can do about it.  Now you see, you have a great advantage over me.  When Handsome leaves our home, he locks me in the yard.  So I’m truly left alone!  I can look out the window and bark at people and dogs and birds that go past, but I can’t walk out and play with them as I’d like to.


But you can!


You can step out of your lonely space and go meet people.  You can go to a place where people meet, and introduce yourself.  Or you can go to a place that does charitable work and offer to help out.  Or you can help at a school or a library… after all, your name makes me think you’d like to work with children!   Or at the least you can call or email someone.


Now maybe this sounds difficult, because you’re shy.  Well if that’s the case, then that’s the answer to your question: You’re alone because you’re afraid to interact with people!  So your job is to combat your shyness.  There are books about beating shyness, or you can look for a therapist (or best, a therapy group) that specializes in shyness.  If shyness is ruining your life, just imagine how much better everything will be if you overcome it!


But whether or not you’re shy, whether or not you’re stuck inside like me, the truth is you’re not alone… because I’m answering your question.  Because hundreds, maybe thousands, of people are reading your question and saying “I know just how that feels.”  And because there are people who care about you – people and at least one big goofy dog – out here in this big lonely world.


Your Friend,



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kelina - June 24, 2011 Reply

well perhaps u should socialize more.some people always wait for others to approach them so as to mingle in maybe its time for you to make the first move

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