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Aree303 asks: Please give me some daily English conversation to use with my 10-year-old son. I like to practice with him. He is in bilingual school but rarely speaks English.

Hi Aree303 –


Congratulations to you for caring so much about your son’s education, and working to help him navigate a multi-lingual world.  I’m happy to help.


In fact, I think I can help a lot.  Because what you really need is help finding things that interest your son, that can both help him learn English and give you good topics to talk about.


May I recommend…  This Website!  I have tons of questions and answers here about issues that apply to ten-year-old boys (and some that really are for teenagers a bit older – so he might like those even more!).  Most importantly, all of these are postings where I offer my opinion.  Which means you might agree with me or you might not.  And your son might not agree with either of us!


And do you know what that creates?  CONVERSATION!!  Great great conversation!  Debate and Exchange, perhaps even Argument!  And all of these require that both speakers use language well enough to be understood clearly.  Which is exactly what you want!


So check out some of the questions that apply to you and your son.  Maybe about how much time a day should be allowed for video games, or what age is right to see Harry Potter movies.  Or anything else.


And if you and your son should find that you come up with a subject that I haven’t talked about on here… oh please do me the huge favor of sending me a question about it!  And then, Aree303, we will have helped each other, as well as your lucky son!


Happy Conversing,




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