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Danish asks: Write a speech on the topic: ‘Preservation of ozone layer is the most pressing need of the time.’

Hi Danish –


A speech?  Me?  Umm… my speeches tend to sound something like “Woof, arrrrgggh, ROWH, umf.”  Dogs certainly express themselves vocally, but I wouldn’t recommend you ask us for advice on public speaking!


But I do know a bit about arguing, and it sounds like this is supposed to be a speech that argues a point.  So in order to do that well, what you need to do is, first, to show that you have a good amount of knowledge about the issue.  What is the ozone layer, what’s happening to it, what are the different theories about why that’s happening, and what’s the effect of its depletion on our world…  all these.  Then, you need to argue the issue of the word “Most.”  Is preserving the ozone layer more important than dealing with, oh, say, population, the world economy, disease, nuclear weapons, or the fact that I can’t find enough rabbits to chase?  You need to find a way to argue your point, whatever it is.


But definitely, you need to write that speech yourself.  Don’t even trust another person to do it, because after a speech people usually ask questions, and you don’t want to come off as not knowing what you talked about!


And definitely, NEVER trust a dog to teach you how to speak.  People train dogs to speak, not the other way around!


Good Luck,




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