How to deal with a child who always wants to go outside.

NBN asks: How do I cope with my 6year old cousin, who cannot stay in the home for even a minute, always out all the time.

Hmm…  Well, Handsome makes sure we live in a house with a fenced-in yard, so I can go outside a lot, but I think he’s mainly concerned about me running away, while you’re more bothered about this kid just wanting to be outside all the time.


My biggest question is Why.  Why does he want to be outside all the time, and why does it annoy you?  You see, I love going outside.  There are so many more interesting smells out there, and fresher air, and more to do – and I’m so much closer to any squirrels or cats who dare to cross into my yard!  And outside I can RUN, which is something I really want to do a lot, just like kids!

You see, most kids today have a real problem, in that their parents keep them inside too much.  Adults are afraid of traffic and creepy people, so they keep their kids inside where the kids then get in trouble if they’re playing too loudly and rambunctiously.  So they compromise, with the kids watching TV and playing video games.  A little of that is okay, but too many kids today are growing up with way too much of that stuff, and it bores me crazy!  And the kids don’t have the connection to nature that they really need.


So NBN, my first instinct is to suggest that you follow that annoying kid!  See if that brat can show you what you’re missing out there!  Who knows, maybe you’ll find that you like it outside too.


But maybe there’s something else.  Maybe the little kid is scared of your house, doesn’t want to be in there.  And if that’s the case, be sure and write me back, because then we’re talking about a very different problem!







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