How can a girl stop thinking about boys enough to study?

Charis asks: I seriously hate studying, and want to be in a relationship asap. The problem is, I’m 13! How do you focus on your studies and stop thinking about guys all the time?

Hi Charis!


Ummm… you can’t.


If you’re obsessed with something, there is no way in the world for you to stop thinking about it.  I’ll bet if someone hit you on the head with a hammer and knocked you out, you’d spend the next two days unconscious, dreaming about boys.  That’s just where you are today, and that’s okay.


But you do bring up two other issues.  First, how do you focus on your studies.  Well, when I was in Obedience Training, the way the teacher had Handsome keep me focused was to keep a bag of meaty treats in his pocket.  And believe me, it worked!  So…  is there a way you can make every subject in school in some way involve boys? For example:


Math:  If a soccer team full of cute guys that look like those World Cup champions gains seven meters with each kick, and they get thirty kicks, but the other team which all look like Zac Ephron and Shia LeBeouf get in three sixty yard kicks, how far did the first team kick the ball?


History:  In World War I, the German soldiers (who look like Justin Bieber) had a battle against the British (who look like Robert Pattinson) and the French (Hey who cares what they look like?  Just let them talk and you’ll swoon!).  Who won, and who deserved to?


Biology:  No way am I going there!  I’ll let your imagination do that one on its own!!


See, it works!


And then there’s that other issue, which is that you’re 13 and you want a relationship right now.  That’s okay, of course.  But please do be careful. Find a nice boy who’ll treat you well and who respects and values you.  Better to wait a while for a great relationship than to get hurt by a bad one right away.


And hey, any boy who gets a spirited, romantic, fun girl like you is going to be SO lucky!  Make sure he deserves you!


Because otherwise:


Physics:  If Charis finds out her boyfriend has been going out with another girl, and hits him so hard he flies through a brick wall, how much force was in her fist?!








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dianne - June 20, 2011 Reply

Great answer 🙂

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