How to deal with a shy boy you like.

Chupa Chup asks: Hi, I’ve been having problems with this boy. I really really like him and he really really likes me too, and he is too shy to tell me how he really feels. So I’ve been thinking maybe I should tell him, and then he may tell me… but than I’ll be to shy! I need help please?

Hey that’s great about that boy, Chupa Chup!  So now comes the fun and scary part — how do you find out for sure how he feels?!  Maybe get a friend to ask him if he likes anyone?  Or try hanging around him and see how he reacts?  Or you could do what I do – just jump on him and lick his nose.  But it seems that dogs get away with that a lot more than people!!


But then you say if he does say he likes you, you’ll be too shy?  Hmm, gotta do something about that.


Or maybe you don’t.  As long as you don’t make him feel bad, or rejected, you’re probably okay.  Because since he’s already told you he likes you, he’s done the hardest part!  So if he tells you that, just smile at him!  Be nice!  And if he asks you whether you like him, just smile and walk away – you’ll be fine!  It’ll be really cute actually!  Do you know the word “coy?”  That’s what you’d be.  And that’s fine.  But be sure you don’t make him feel bad or rejected, or you’ll probably lose your chance.


Good Luck!  Let me know how it goes!!


Your Friend,



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