What is a crush.

alleah123 asks: what is the meaning of crush? And what’s the difference between love & crushes???

Oh alleah123, I love crushes!


You see, crushes are great, and innocent, and fun.  You can have a crush today, or when you’re ninety years old.  Even married people can have crushes, and it’s okay.


So what exactly is a crush?  A crush is something that feels like falling in love, but it’s clearly based on nothing real.  Handsome had his first crush when he was ten years old, and he never had a single conversation with that girl.  People get crushes on movie stars, pop singers, or just people they might see on a train.  It’s not a real relationship, but their mind pretends it is, and that’s fun.


The only danger with a crush is if someone starts to believe it’s a real relationship.  For example, you might have heard some news stories about Stalkers.  Someone will decide that the movie star they have a crush on is really meant for them, and will follow them around, or break into their home, or worse!  In 1982, U.S. President Reagan was shot and nearly killed by a man who was trying to impress a movie star he had a crush on!  That’s when a crush becomes terrible!


But most crushes are fun and, again, very innocent.  Do you have a grandmother?  Ask her who she has, or used to have, a crush on.  Handsome’s grandmother actually kept a notebook with pictures of a movie star, that she made when she was a young girl, and now he has it.  That is so cool!


Sometimes people can even have a Mutual Crush.  They maybe work together, or go to school together, and don’t really know each other well but feel kind of dizzy about each other, blush when they see each other, their voices get kind of funny when they talk about each other… it’s great.  And sometimes, wonderfully, that can lead to them really falling in love!  But that isn’t till they actually get to know each other.


Now is it possible to get hurt by a crush?  Sure.  You’re all obsessed with someone, and then you see them kissing someone else.  Yeah, that hurts.  But you’ll get over it.


So if you find yourself having a crush, enjoy it!  Maybe it’ll last a week, maybe it’ll last a lifetime.  And perhaps it’ll even lead to a real friendship or romance.


But as long as it is only a crush, just make sure you keep reminding yourself of that.  And then you’ll be fine.


Your Friend,

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angelbrat - May 31, 2011 Reply

I agree with you.. Crushes are fun and it’s an experience that can be very challenging…

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