How to deal with Panic Attacks and Anxiety

Sridevi asks: I am not sure if I have OCD. Sometimes I get really scary thoughts, or pictures in my mind, like that I’m harming someone. It causes me great pain and anxiety. I once had a panic attack for about five seconds – then I listened to some soothing music and felt okay. I do not have any compulsions, though; I don’t do any repeated tasks. I am so confused! Please help!

Hi Sridevi –


Well it definitely sounds like you don’t have OCD.  The “C” of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is “Compulsive,” and you don’t have that.  It also doesn’t really sound like you’re terribly obsessive either.


But it sounds like you’re absolutely right when you say that you have a lot of Anxiety.  I’m worried about these bad thoughts and images, and the panic attack, that you describe.  There are a lot of “Disorders” that involve Anxiety, and you might have one of those.  So here are my suggestions to help you out:


First, I want you to breathe, a lot.  Give yourself a few minutes every few hours, sit down somewhere alone, close your eyes, and take some deep breaths.  Try to feel where your body is holding the most nervousness, and breathe right into it.  That helps a lot.  It also might bring up some awareness of what you’re worrying about.  (Think about it – have you ever seen a dog get nervous?  What’s the first thing we do?  We pant! It’s really the best thing – though you’ll do better with slow deep breaths than fast doggy ones)


Then Second, I want you to find a therapist or counselor.  Someone who is good at working with this problem.  Most likely it’s not a terribly big deal, and talking with someone will be able to help it enough.  But if you have a physical problem too, they will be able to help you find someone who can help with that.


And third, please get back in touch with me, and let me know how you’re doing.


Thanks, and Good Luck!  And keep up that relaxing music – music is always great for everyone for relieving anxiety.  Yes, even dogs!


Your Friend,


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