Are dogs afraid of the dark?

Lalapalooza83 asks: Are you ever afraid of the dark?

I am a dog.  Dogs have the same five senses as people – sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste.  But we have different strengths.  In people, the sense of sight is the strongest of them all.  People count on sight to tell them what’s going on all the time.  In dogs, it’s the weakest. Even on bright days, our hearing and our smell are what mainly lead us.

Because of this, dogs aren’t afraid of the dark.  It’s just not that different for us.  But boy, do I understand how a person would be afraid of the dark!  It would be like me not being able to hear or smell – and that would freak me out!

We also don’t have imaginations as strong as you have.  Although we do dream, and we do sometimes think “there’s someone out there” when there isn’t, we don’t have anything like your amazing ability to imagine monsters in the closet, or sharks under the bed, or vampires hiding in the ceiling, or ghouls behind the curtain, or ghosts in the attic, or…

Hey, forget about the dark!  I’ve just scared myself NOW!

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