How to gain custody of a child

dan77 asks: I need to get custody of my son because his mother does nothing with him. What do I do?

Hi dan77 –


Sadly, while I can certainly commiserate with you about the difficulties you’re facing, and how awful this is for you, there’s no advice I can give about how to get custody.  For two reasons – one, I’m not an attorney and don’t know much about law; and two – I don’t even know where you live, and if I did know law, I’d only know those for my country or state, and so still wouldn’t be able to help you.


You MUST contact a lawyer.  There are many who specialize in custody cases, and they would know what your specific rights are and what you need to do in order to get them enforced.


It is true that there’s a general prejudice in favor of mothers in these cases.  But if you can find proof of her neglect, I have to imagine that any court would side with you, at least to the point where you two share custody.


I hate this situation.  I’m lucky – I have one caretaker, and he’s devoted to me.  And if I had two, who split up, and fought over me, that would make me miserable.  And if one of them actually neglected me, and the other wanted to get me away to care for me and couldn’t, that would be even worse.  So I feel for you, and very very much for your son.


So find a lawyer.  Find the best one you can.  And do whatever is legally possible to change this custody agreement.  Or, if that’s not possible, at least to make his mother do more for him.


This might be the greatest achievement of your life.  Please know I, and many others, are on your side.  (and your son’s)


My very best wishes,


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