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sapearl asks: I notice that I attract men so easily – even when am not wearing makeup, no hairdo, most of my male friends always tell me that I have sexy eyes, charming voice, height, etc. I get embarrassed and laugh it off, but even with all of this I can’t get a man to be my own. Am I doing anything wrong? what should I do? I keep meeting the wrong guys. I need a man who is God-fearing, romantic, understanding, and financially ok. Please what do I do? Or should I just relax and have fun until the right person comes?

Hi sapearl –


You are learning something that lots of girls take a lifetime to grasp.  That all those great qualities in your face, voice, etc., are attractive, but aren’t everything.  There’s a great old movie called “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” where a gorgeous woman says (I might have the exact wording wrong) “Rich on a man is like pretty on a woman.  It’s not the most important thing, but wouldn’t you rather have it there than not?”


So you’re pretty and have a great voice.  But it’s not enough.


It’s like when I was in the pound, seeing other dogs get bought by people while I was left there to just sit in a cage… and eventually, maybe, far worse!


Now I wish I could tell you exactly how to find that great, God-fearing, stable boyfriend, and get into a healthy relationship. And I can’t.  But I can promise you one thing – getting these “wrong guys” out of your life as quickly as possible is very helpful!  Just showing them the door, “Thank you very much, you won’t do, goodbye.”  Your attractiveness will keep them coming, so don’t complain – just let them go once they’ve shown you they’re disposable!


In the meantime, I’m a big fan of being friendly, dressing well, getting yourself into more social situations, and working through any shyness you have, so that you can walk right up to someone who looks interesting to you and start a conversation.

But even those won’t guarantee that you’ll find that great guy by a certain time.


All they’ll do is help you find him sooner.


So do those, while making sure to get rid of the “wrong guys” as quickly as you can, and your life will start getting better right away.  Which hopefully will lead to that RIGHT guy showing up SOON!


After all, mine did!


Best of Luck my friend!

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