What does it mean if your boyfriend asks for your best friend’s number

intel asks: If my boyfriend asks for my best friend’s number, what is he up to?

Hi intel –


Oh I SOOOOO wish I could read minds!  Then I could tell you exactly what your boyfriend wants with that number.  But since I can’t, my mind goes to…


1) He wants to plan a surprise for you, and to plan it out with your friend

2) He’s suspicious about something, and wants to check with your friend to see if it’s true

3) He’s attracted to your best friend and wants to get to know them

4) He wants to learn more about you and figures your best friend is the best source for information.


It could be any of these, or something else.


But I do have a thought.  Tell your best friend about this, and then give your boyfriend the number.  Then after he calls, have your friend tell you what he called about.  Now if it’s a surprise, this could ruin it a little.  But if you’re concerned enough to write me about it, I’m guessing you have good reasons to ask.  So I’d say to try this, and see what happens.


Good luck!



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