How to get out of having done a secret prank on a friend

azraspahic_ asks – So it’s 2 weeks before April Fools, and I decided to do a harmless prank on my friend of slipping notes in her locker. But she told the principal and then told me. I don’t want to get suspended over a harmless joke! What do I do? I have not told her I was the one who slipped the notes. I printed one out as well and said, “oh see this is the one I got” and she believed it! What should I do?

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Ooooh do I relate to this!  My pranks are usually more along the lines of stealing food off a person’s plate, but I know how awful it can feel to get caught, especially when the punishment seems like it’s so much bigger than the little joke you pulled!  (I mean, come on, did that guest really want that steak that badly?!!)


The nice part is that you do have a way out of this, if you want – which is to simply say nothing, and let the issue go away.  If you can feel okay about doing that, it really won’t cause any harm.  It’s true that you lied about getting the note yourself, but it’s a harmless lie, and your friend won’t be any worse off for it.


But, like me, you do have a conscience, so I can understand if you find it hard to just do that.  So there are a few other thoughts that hit me:


One is to write her another note – but make this a note of apology, saying you’re sorry she was bothered by the first note – and slip it into her locker.  But of course do it in a way that makes it look like it wasn’t you, if you can.


Or you could just give yourself a promise that you’ll tell her — some time in the future.  Maybe the last day of school?  (If your schedule is the same as most of the ones around me, that’ll be in just a couple of months).  Then you can feel better, without getting in trouble with the principal.


Or you could go all out, tell her the truth, and tell the principal too.  In fact, maybe it’d be best to tell them at the same time.  Then there’s a good chance they’ll both be so impressed with your honesty that you don’t get in much trouble.


I think any of these would be okay.  The most important thing is that you’ve realized how much it bothered her, and so it’s very clear to me it’s something you won’t do again.  And learning from mistakes is the best education anyone can ever get – in school or out!


(Though that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll never find myself climbing up on a chair at the table again, to slurp up some yummies when no one’s looking!  Because, when it comes to food, I’m a VERRRRRRRY slow learner!)


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