Why Educational Toys Are Important For Kids?

Akhil003 asks: Why Educational Toys Are Important For Kids?

Hi Akhil003 –

Hmmm… Why are educational toys important for kids?   I’d say it’s the same reason educational toys are important for dogs.

What?  You don’t know about educational toys for dogs?  How about every squeaky toy you’ve ever seen, which teach dogs not to bite people’s ankles instead?  What about rope toys, which teach dogs to strengthen our mouths and compete in fun ways?

Dogs learn through playing.  And so do children.  That’s why kids are programmed to play – because it’s the best way for them to learn.  They learn social skills on playgrounds, they learn fairness in sports, and they learn an infinite number of things with toys.

An adult will learn a lot from reading – as you’re doing right here.  But children, even once they learn to read, usually learn best through activity.

So kids will learn from pretty much every toy they play with.  And why not, then, have some of those toys actually be intended to teach them worthwhile things (as well as a toy’s most important job – to be fun!)?


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